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Classic 2 Glass Panels Suitable for Traditional and Contemporary Properties

York Chart Splendour

York Slate Knightsbridge

York Red Crystal

York Moondust Elderton

York Kara Zinc Slate

York Kara Zinc

York DuckEgg Toledo

York GO Twist Clear

York Blue Fusion

York Anth Bohemia Triff

York Black Kens

York Black Murano

York Cream Kara

York Black Rhea

Cambridge & Windsor: 

Arched & Raked Panel Tops adding a touch of distinction to any property

Camridge Rwd Bohemia

Windsor Blue Kara

Windsor Cream Twist

Cambridge Rhea

Windsor RMagenta Crystal

Cambridge GO Elderton

Cambridge Luxury Fused Black

Cambridge DuckEgg Knightsbridge

Cambridge Anth Rhea

Cambridge Chartwell Murano

Georgian 1: 

Distinctive Semi Circle Glazing Panel

Georgian 1 Rosewood Crystal

Georgian 1 Green Silvaner

Georgian 1 Blue Bar

Georgian 1 Etched border

Georgian 1 White Gavalas

Georgian 1 Black Murano

Georgian 1 Anth Rhea

Georgian 1 Chartwell Prism

Georgian 3 & 2:

3 Panel door echoes the classic architecture of the Regency period

Georgian3 White Grid

Georgian3 VBerry Gavalas

Georgian3 Red Crystal

Georgian3 DuckEgg Silvaner

Georgian3 Blue Classic

Georgian3 Amth Rhea

Georgian 3 etched border

Georgian 2 Green Rhea

Georgian 2 Blue Classic

Georgian 2 Black Murano

Georgian 2 Anth Gavlas

Georgian 2 Chartwell Grid

Edwardian 2 & 4:

Traditional and Stylish Doors

Edwardian 4 Moondust DiaClassic

Edwardian 4 Etched Border

Edwardian 4 Duckegg Silv

Edwardian 4 Black Murano

Edwardian 2 Red Crystal

Edwardian 2 Anth Rhea

Edwardian 2 Chartwell Classic


Features large single glass pane for plenty of light.

Victorian Black Murano

Victorian DuckEgg Rhea

Victorian Elderton Blue

Victorian Red Elderton

Victorian GO Etch Splendour

Victotrian Green Rioja

Victorian White Blind


Reminiscent of the door styles of the 1930's.

Tudor Simp Brass

Tudor Havan Slate

Tudor Etched Border Moondust Grey

Tudor Black Simp

Tudor Amber in Oak

Tudor Cream Dorch

Tudor Chart Reflections

Cottage One:

with unique 'Offset Etched' detailing

Cottage 1 Red Crystal

Cottage 1 Green Murano

Cottage 1 Oak Silvaner

Cottage 1 Duckegg Gavlas

Cottage 1 Black

Cottage 1 Cream Etched Border

Cottage 1 Anth Rhea

Cottage 1 Cream Rhea

Cottage Four:

Very popular contemporary design with centre or hinge side glass

Cottage4 Blue Crystal

Cottage 4 Moondust Silvaner

Cottage four etched border blue

Cottage 4 Slate DiaClassic

Cottage 4 Black Rhea

Cott4 LightOak Pinpoint

Cottage 4 Anth Satin

Cottage 4 crystal black


Contemporary European inspired doors

Jacobean White Rhea

Jacobean Rhea Silv Grey

Jacobean Green Silvaner

Jacobean Oak Crystal Red

Jacobean Slate Grey Satin Glass

Jacobean Anth glazed obscure

Jacobean Black Murano

Jacobean etched border Oak

Jacobean Chartwell Classic


Contemporary linear etched detailing

Verona Moondust Reflections

Verona Solid Light Oak Solid

Verona Glazed Black

Verona Glazed Slate Obscure

Verona Etched Border French Blue

Verona Solid Anthracite Grey

Regal: American style large feature glass

Devon: Feature arched glass

Regal Simp Zinc Black

Regal Simplicity Slate Grey

Regal Slate Reflections for Situ

Regal Royal Magenta Murano

Regal FrBlue Bohemia

Regal Bohemia

Regal Chartwell Reflections

Devon Royal Sparkle Royal Magenta

Devon Green Mirambello

Devon Black Murano

Devon Anthracite Rhea

Links Composite Doors:

Looks like aluminium - Feels like aluminium 

Barcelona VBerry

Augusta VBerry

Augusta Cream

Barcelona Clieo Black

Vila Blue

Vila Anth

Seminole Slate

Seminole Black

Vila Blue

Nice Anth

Nice Blue

Nice Slate

Links Inox Munich

Lyon Anth

Lyon SilvGrey

Munich Chartwell


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